A lot of people ask me how I learned to make these tab drums. The easy, and honest answer is "the Internet." 

Few people ask me "Why" I make these drums. I'd like to share that with you too, but first let me elaborate on the first answer.

These drums are originally inspired by the Hang Drum, which you can find all kinds of videos for. They are like an upside down traditional steel drum mixed with a flying saucer, and they sound beautiful.  Seeing my excitement over this new instrument a friend of mine showed me a link to a page by Dennis Havlena, who made a steel tongue drum out of a propane tank.

"I can do that!" I said. So I got an old propane tank, some strong drill bits, and a hack saw blade. I carved every note out by hand with the naked blade. This first drum took about a year to make based on the pattern he gives on his web page. That first drum went to my friend who showed me the web site as a thank you. I've been gathering tools and experience ever since, and now I sell them as a means to be able to make more of them. 

Through making these drums I have met many creative and artistic people. I've learned new styles of painting, learned about sound resonance and the physics notes. I have discovered many new skills with metal working, and so much more.

With this web site I hope to be able to share my art, and my skills with everyone who is interested. I want to promote learning about conservation and recycling techniques. In time this page will share information of music theory, and the science of how these drums work.

I hope that by coming here you'll be able to share in the joy that I get from creating these musical paintings. 

~Jeff 'the drum guy'